Why our products are different

Since Francis Karr patented a mattress design with free-end coils back in 1926 in United States, Spring Air has been widely recognized for its innovative mattresses and sleep sets that focused on how to bring the Just Right Feeling to our customers. Our goal is to bring our consumers the most comfortable night sleep and supply them mattresses that will last the test of time.


We feel that it is very important for every person to sleep on a mattress that suits their preference. Thanks to the SmartComfort® system that provides up to 16 different comfort levels on each side of the mattress. Enables you to personalize your mattress based on you and your spouse needs.

The SmartComfort® system also makes it easier for you to buy a new mattress, because you don’t have to worry of buying the wrong one. With just a simple action : Unzip & Flip, you can customize and personalize your mattress in less than 5 minutes.



ShapeLatex™ is the newest latex technology for luxurious comfort, superior support and excellent durability, first introduced by Spring Air.

ShapeLatex™ has a luxurious comfort because it is very elastic. It follows the body profile and distributes pressure accross the entire surface, thus making you feel very comfortable. The open-cell structure of ShapeLatex™ circulates cool air in exchange of your body heat during your sleep.

ShapeLatex™ is superior in support because it is very high density, supporting and aligning your spine the entire night of your sleep.

ShapeLatex™ has an excellent durability because it is very resilient. ShapeLatex™ compresses and then immediately springs back into its original shape. This creates a comfortable mattress but supportive for a long period of time.



NanoShield™ is an anti-viral and anti-bacteria technology that works to eliminate most of harmful microorganisms on the surface of your mattress.

According to an independent test by MSL Lab in England, NanoShield™ can reduce 98,53% Feline Coronavirus within 2 hours of contact time.

Devan laboratory in Belgium has certified NanoShield™ with Bi-ome technology treated fabric to reduce 98,43% bacterial within 1 hour.