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Four Seasons Specifications
ArgentAum+® Nano Silver

Argentum+® mattress fabric integrate the latest Cool-Down technology optimizing moisture management. It contains silver ions with natural antibacterial properties. The silver component prevents the multiplication of bacteria. 


The most luxurious, fashionable and comfortable natural fiber that offers excellent thermal insulation. It keeps you warm when the temperature is low and cool when the temperature is high. Cashmere becomes softer with age and lasts a lifetime. 


The most hypoallergenic of all fabrics due to its natural protein structure. It is highly absorbent and it dries quickly. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. It also absorbs perspiration while letting your skin breathes.

MemoGel ™

MemoGel™ is made using pre-polymer gel which is added and ‘swirled’ into the memory foam compound as it is made, giving the product better adherence to the foam and resulting in greater gel coverage which keeps you cool and comfortable while offering contouring and pressure relief. (Only in Destiny SmartComfort™) 

Pulse ® Latex

The most durable, breathable, comfortable, and hygienic latex from Belgium. Tested and proven by TUV Germany. (Only in Destiny SmartComfort™) 

HD Latex

A super high density latex from Belgium that gives maximum firmness and maximum durability to the mattress.

Nano Springs

A smaller, thinner and more flexible springs that will give you more pressure relief during the sleep and create more comfortable feel.

7-zone pocket springs with foam encasement

7-zone individually pocket spring system provides an unparalleled support for your entire body from head to toes and gives you the best support for your head, shoulder, spine, lumbar, hips, thigh and leg.

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